Trust, contract, property

“Trust, Contract, Property” and “Trusts in Civil Law Systems” were the topics of the two first seminars of the European Module “Towards a Common Private Law of Europe” of IE University.

The seminars were led by Paola Manes, Professor at the University of Bologna, a close collaborator of the great Francesco Galgano and a renowned expert in the field. Professor Manes guided the audience through the complexity of the legal structure of trusts and the difficulties they raise from a civil law perspective.

The first seminar was held on November 18 in the Madrid campus of IE University, with Francisco Marcos, Professor of IE Law School, as discussant. A number of lawyers and professors from other universities attended the event.

The second seminar took place on November 19 in the Segovia campus of IE University. Marco de Benito and Francisco de Elizalde, Professors of IE Law School, joined Paola Manes at the table. Both events included a lively discussion.